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What Shoes Did They Wear In The 70s?

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The 70s was the decade where rock n roll flourished in fashion, and the shoes were no exception to this nature! From platforms to sneakers, to the flashiest boots you’ve ever seen. The 70s had it all, and today we’re going to get stuck into the best styles of shoes from the 70s. 

What Are Retro Shoes? 

Shoes that really make you stand out. Retro styles are fun and easy to wear. Rock ‘n’ roll music was very popular during this decade. People were free to express themselves during this era.

People experimented with different types of shoes, including Velcro. The synthetic fabric was used to make fashionable clothes. Trends are typically exaggerated by the media. 

woman wearing platform shoes from the 70s and a flowery pants

A Brief History Of 70s Shoes

Platform shoes were popular in the 1970s because they made you taller. They were worn by celebrities such as David Bowie and The New York Dolls. 

The most popular style of footwear during the 1970s was the platform shoe. This type of shoe had a very high heel, and it gave the wearer a certain amount of height. The platform shoe was usually made from wood or cork, and it had a simple strap around the ankle.

Platform shoes were frequently paired with a miniskirt and other short dresses. The contrast between the tall heel and the long leg made them a great statement piece. Rock stars like Cher wore these types of shoes as part of their edgy ensembles.

The glitter and embroidery on the shoes were emphasized by this design. Platform boots are simple shoes that were originally peasant shoes from Scandinavia.

They were defined by their chubby wooden heels and simple leather tops. They became popular after the “back-to-the-earth” movement of the 1960s made them an easy choice. Platform shoes were typically worn with bell-bottoms or a peasant dress. 

Most often, people wore them without socks. Platform shoes also frequently included the platform heel trend. Women even tried out platform shoes, rocking them for a laid-back look!

Athletic wear was all over the place in the 1970s. This came as an effect of more televised sports that were televised than ever.

Bruce Jenner’s success in the televised 1972 Summer Olympic Games led to a spike in track shoes, and they stayed popular when she took the gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics. 

Sneaker styles were especially popular when they paired with an athletic-style outfit. Sneakers were perfect for wearing while going to the grocery store.

woman wearing bright yellow 70s style fashion holding a glass of lemon punch

What Defined The 70s Fashion Styles?

1970s fashion trends included wearing colorful clothes that were tight at the top and loose at the bottom. Platform shoes, vests, and other accessories were also worn. People wore bell-bottoms, wide legs, and platform shoes. Leisure suits were popular too.

While the hippie subculture and peacock revolution both had similar styles, they didn’t overlap too much. Some people wore bright colors and bell-bottoms, regardless of what group they belonged to. Rock ‘n’ roll music is very popular now.

Women try to dress up in rock-style clothes. Glam rock fashion is very different from traditional clothing. Today, women try to use just one or two glam rock accessories.

High fashion menswear designers started using large shoulder pads in the late 1970s. These shoulder pads tapered down to a narrow waistline. Men’s clothing was made wider, and lapels and ties became wider than before. This style lasted until the 1980s.

Punk fashion was a style that originated in London and spread to America. In the 70s, people wore clothes inspired by punk fashion. People who wore punk fashion were rebellious and didn’t follow the rules. Punk fashion was popular because it was fun and fashionable.

Punk fashion was also very loud and colorful. Punk fashion helped people feel more confident about themselves.

Punk fashion was originally intended as an anti-establishment statement. It became popular among teenagers who wanted to rebel against the conservative society of the time.

This type of fashion was also used by rebellious adults. New wave fashion was very different from punk fashion. It included some of the same items but had a softer feel.

Some other influences that defined the 70s were wrap dresses, designed by Diane Von Furstenberg, who influenced the style to roar among working and family women of the time.

The wrap dress became a staple. Farrah Fawcett also was a big influence of the time. Diane Keaton was a huge influence of the 20th century too. 

guy in the 70s wearing high-cut red converse sneakers and almost knee-high socks

What Were The Most Popular Shoes Of The 70s?


Sneakers were first introduced in 1967 by Adidas. While Adidas Gazelles were the first sneakers to be released, they weren’t the most popular. After that came the Nike Blazer.

These sneakers are very comfortable and stylish. They also have a lot of features including an interior lining, mesh uppers, and padded tongue and collar.

The Superstar was the first low-top shoe to feature an all-leather upper and the now-famous Adidas shell toe. The Superstar is the true star of real Hip Hop Heads.


Clyde Frazier was an original member of the New York Knicks who played for them from 1967 until he retired in 1975. He was known for his ability to shoot the ball and play defense.

The Puma Clyde was designed in 1973 by Peter Carl. It was originally released in 1973. The Puma Clyde is timelessly cool. It features a soft suede upper with side and contrast line detailing.

The Puma Clyde takes a game day to the streets. It’s safe to assume that many sneaker fans first started collecting Pumas in various colors before moving onto other brands.


Samoa was introduced in 1977 as training shoes. Samoa is durable and lasts for years. Its signature suede toe box makes it stand out. Samoa is available in a variety of colors. Vans shoes are very comfortable and practical. They are made to be worn all day long without hurting your feet.

They are also available in many colors. Vans shoes are the most versatile and functional shoes on the market. There is an Era for everyone.


Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, created the first gazelle model in 1968. He was inspired by the running speed of zebras. This shoe became popular among African American athletes.

In the late 1970s, Adidas released the Adidas Gazelle II, which had a more traditional three-stripe pattern on the sides. The new version was lighter and easier to wear.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there were many great shoes that were worn during the 70s. However, some of these shoes were not very popular. For example, the Puma Clyde is still considered to be one of the best basketball shoes ever produced. 

However, it wasn’t very popular at the time. Sneakers like the Superstar and the Puma Clyde are still popular today. 

We hope that this article has given you an in-depth insight into the history behind shoes in the 70s and what they wore during the decade!