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6 Timeless Items to Wear With Plaid Pants

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Plaid is a patterned fabric that has a check or striped design. The pattern is usually horizontal or vertical stripes. The color palette can vary from light to dark shades.

Plaid is a versatile style that goes well with almost every outfit. Whether you want to go casual or dressy, you can easily pair plaid with other items such as jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts, blazers, jackets, etc.

That being said, let’s look at ways to wear plaid pants, and what you can pair up with the versatile pattern.

How to Wear Plaid Pants

woman wearing red plaid pants with a red tshirt

The best way to wear your plaid pants is by pairing them with the right accessories and shoes. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear plaid pants:

With a T-Shirt

This is one of the most classic combinations for any occasion. You can also add a scarf or a hat if you feel like dressing up more.

Keep the T-shirt plain, or with a focused print at the front. The plaid pants will speak for themselves.

With Sneakers

If you own some cute plaid pants, pair them with sneakers instead of heels. This will give you a comfortable yet stylish look.

Whilst not suitable for a formal event, it will give the plaid pants a relaxed overall look for during the day, as well as still appear smart. 

Wear With a Blazer

If you’re going out in the evening, this combination is perfect for an elegant dinner date. Pair your plaid pants with an off-the-shoulder top and a black blazer.

Sweater and Boots

If you don’t want to dress up too much but still want to stay warm, then this is the perfect option. Put on your sweater over your plaid pants and wear boots underneath.

A Denim Jacket

Denim is another great choice when you want to be dressed up but not too formal. Denim also goes really nicely with plaid, so is a stylish choice if you want to wear a jacket to stay warm.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtlenecks are a timeless piece that never goes out of fashion. They can be worn casually or formally depending on how you style them.

Pairing Your Plaid Pants

man wearing grey plaid pants with sweater and woman with green plaid skirt and polo shirt

As we mentioned earlier, plaid is a versatile pattern that works well with just about anything. That being said, there are certain colors that work better than others.

For example, reds and oranges tend to clash with the pattern, whereas blues and greens work very well.

In addition, you should avoid wearing plaid pants with patterns that have similar colors. For example, you shouldn’t wear plaid pants with stripes because they might make the pattern look messy.

You should also keep in mind that darker colored plaids may need a few extra layers to balance out their appearance.

Tips on Wearing Plaid Pants

In order to make sure your plaid pants look their best, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a darker shade of blue, green, or gray.
  • Avoid wearing white or pastel colored plaid.
  • Choose a solid color (not prints) for your shirt.
  • Avoid using bold patterns on your pants.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize!

Key Pieces Are Important

girl working on laptop while sitting on steps wearing black and white plaid pants with a white blouse and black and white motorcycle jacket, purple motorcycle in background

You should always have a few key pieces in your wardrobe. These include a good pair of pants, a nice blouse, a cardigan, a scarf, and a pair of sneakers.

You may think that all of those things are boring, but they’re actually quite useful.

A simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans will do wonders for your appearance. But if you want to step it up a notch, try adding a blazer, a scarf, or even a belt.

Why Plaid is a Popular Choice

Plaid is a popular pattern that has been around for centuries. It is a traditional design that is easy to wear and looks great on almost anyone.

Whether you choose to go casual or dressy, you’ll find that plaid is a versatile fabric that can be paired with many different outfits.

When you buy plaid clothing online, you get a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can often mix and match items from different brands to create unique outfits.

When choosing what to wear with plaid pants, remember that you need to consider several factors.

First, you need to decide whether you want to wear them casually or more formally.

Next, you need to determine whether you want to wear a skirt or pants.

Finally, you need to figure out which accessories you want to add to your outfit.

Common Ways to Wear Plaid

There are many ways to wear plaid. Here are some ideas to help you pick the right ones for you.


If you plan to wear your plaid pants casually, you can choose between skirts and pants. Skirts are usually shorter and flatter, while pants give you a bit more room to move around.

If you prefer to wear pants, you can opt for either skinny or straight leg styles. Straight leg styles are generally considered to be more flattering than skinny legs.

If you don’t like the idea of wearing plaid pants or a skirt too dressed up, you can still look cute by pairing them with a top. Choose a plain t-shirt or tank top, then layer a sweater over it. This way, you won’t feel too dressed up.


If you plan to dress in plaid more formally, you might want to opt for a pencil skirt instead of pants. Pencil skirts are typically longer than skirts, so they provide more coverage. They also tend to be less expensive than regular skirts.

However, you should probably avoid wearing anything too short. If you do end up wearing something short, make sure that it’s not too revealing.

woman wearing brown plaid trousers with a brown turtleneck


The last thing to keep in mind when deciding what to wear with plaid doesn’t necessarily have to do with your clothes. Instead, it comes down to your accessories.

For example, you could wear a necklace or bracelet that matches your plaid pants. Or you could wear earrings or a ring that compliments your outfit.

If you plan to accessorize with jewelry, make sure that it doesn’t clash with your plaid pants. For instance, if you’re wanting to wear silver jewelry, instead stick with gold or black.

You can also use your accessories to change up your outfit. For example, you could wear an accessory that contrasts with your plaid pants but compliments your shirt.

You can even combine two different types of accessories together. For example, you can wear a necklace with a bracelet.

Final Thoughts

Plaid is one of those fabrics that has endless possibilities. It can be worn on its own or combined with other colors. Plus, it works well with most body types.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of plaid pants or just trying to find the perfect combination of color and pattern, there’s no shortage of options.

Now all you have to do is decide how you want to style your plaid pants!