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Do Hipsters Still Exist?

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Do you remember those days when everyone was into grunge music? Or maybe you remember the 90s when the whole world was obsessed with Britney Spears?

Well, times change and trends come and go. People will adopt certain fashion, music, or icons and allow them to influence their identity.

One of these movements is the hipster, also known as hipsterism. What is this identity? Does it still exist nowadays? Keep reading to uncover the truth. 

hipsters using their cellphones on a sunny day

What Are Hipsters?

Hipsters are a subculture that emerged in the late 1990s. However, there was also a hipster movement in the 1940s.

They were born out of a rejection of mainstream culture (mainly popular music). The term “hipster” has been a relatively modern invention, emerging in the 90s as a way of describing this subculture. 

However, it was not until the 21st century that this term became increasingly widespread. Today, the word “hipster” has become a part of modern vernacular. 

Hipsters have adopted many things from the past. For example, they wear vintage clothing, listen to indie rock music, and drink coffee regularly (particularly at Starbucks).

Often, hipsters are seen as pretentious people who try to look like they belong to an older generation. This is because they tend to dress in clothes that are worn by older generations.

In addition, they often use slang words that are very common among older people. Though there is some distaste for hipsters, others see them as continuing the legacy of a vintage or retro society. 

Hipsters are also associated with craft beers and fashion blogs. 

What Do Hipsters Look Like?

The most obvious way to identify a hipster is by what they wear. As mentioned above, they usually wear clothes that are associated with older generations.

If you want to adopt the hipster style, you should consider wearing:

Vintage Clothing

This includes items such as jeans, T-shirts, and other types of shirts. Vintage clothing can be bought on eBay or similar websites. It is important to buy only authentic vintage clothing. 

This is because you are reducing waste. If you purchase something online, make sure that it is made by a reputable company. You can also purchase vintage clothes from thrift stores. 

young man wearing checked polo, skinny jeans and converse shoes

Checked Shirts

These are other types of shirts that hipsters wear. Checked shirts are generally associated with the 1970s. Usually, these shirts are made from flannel.

There are different styles of checked shirts and you can get lots of different color combinations. 

For example, red and black checked shirts are very popular. Another popular choice is white and black, which is reminiscent of a chessboard. This color combination looks great because it is built on contrast. 

Skinny Jeans

Another item of clothing that has become associated with hipsterism are skinny jeans. These are tight-fitting pants. When buying these, make sure that they fit well. 

Some people can find skinny jeans uncomfortable, as they are much tighter than standard jeans. Usually, these jeans are made from denim. They are often black or various shades of blue, such as navy. 


The hipster population also adorns themselves with various accessories, such as glasses and beanies. These beanie hats are often knitted, providing additional warmth. 

Though some hipsters wear glasses because they need them to see, there is also a trend of people wearing them for the aesthetic. These are known as lensless glasses, as they do not alter the eyesight of the wearer. 

man printing graphic t-shirt

Graphic T-Shirts

One of the most iconic aspects of hipster fashion is the graphic t-shirt. These are typically printed with slogans or images. You can pretty much wear whatever graphic you want.

You should be warned that these graphics fade over time, though this often enhances the hipster style. 


Hipsters love their boots. These are usually leather boots, but there are also options for canvas, suede, and even rubber boots.

The best thing about these boots is that they come in all kinds of colors and designs. They are also very durable. 

Facial Hair

If you want to look like a hipster, then you should grow facial hair. This is one aspect of your appearance that will help you to stand out. 

Hipsters are renowned for their bushy beards. Alternatively, you can grow a quirky mustache. 

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Hipster Ideology

In terms of their ideology, hipsters tend to champion the following qualities:

  • Individuality: they often frequent independent businesses, such as coffee shops. However, the idea that a subculture can represent individuality might seem somewhat contradictory. 
  • Non-conformity: hipsters have a reputation for being non-conformists. They often dress differently from others. They also frequently use unconventional methods of transport, such as skateboards. 
  • Indie music: hipsters listen to indie music. It is common for them to attend concerts at small venues. This allows smaller artists to have an audience. 
  • Rebellion: hipsters are seen as rebels against society. They often express their dissatisfaction through tattoos and piercings, which challenge social norms. 
  • Counter Culture: hipsters are seen to be part of a counterculture movement. They reject mainstream values and embrace alternative lifestyles.
  • Sustainability: many hipsters believe in being sustainable. As a result, they are often vegan. This is why their clothes are often vintage or second-hand, as it is perceived as less wasteful. 

Do Hipsters Exist Today?

Now that you fully understand what a hipster is, we can answer whether they are still around today. Sadly, it seems as though hipsters are a dying breed.

Though many people still consider themselves to be hipsters, they are less common nowadays. There are a few reasons for this. 

Since their emergence, hipsters have been criticized. Many people view them as pretentious and self-absorbed. This is partially because the movement is associated with the upper and middle classes, even though hipsters are considered urban.

Consequently, some people consider this to be an inauthentic movement because of this class imbalance. 

There have also been accusations that there are sexist and racist factions within the hipster subculture. Despite this, many women also consider themselves hipsters.

For example, a group known as “nipsters” has emerged. This right-wing culture merges hipsterism with neo-Nazis to create an unpleasant amalgamation. 

Part of the reason why hipsters are less common today is that they have been replaced by yuccies. 

team of young professionals brainstorming for a new project

Hipsters vs Yuccies

Also known as “urban creatives”, yuccies are similar to hipsters.  In fact, yuccies have eclipsed this movement.

They both share a passion for fashion, music, and art. However, they differ in several ways. This is because yuccies are also influenced by yuppies, a culture from the 1980s. 

Yuccies tend to be more career-oriented and less rebellious than hipsters. They are also less fond of buying clothes from thrift stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell If I Am A Hipster?

You can determine whether you are a hipster by considering your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time shopping online, listening to indie music, and using vintage clothing, then you may well be a hipster. 

If you conform to some clothing choices and ideologies that were previously mentioned, you might belong to this culture. 

What Jobs Do Hipsters Have?

Although hipsters have become less popular, they continue to perform various jobs. These include working in bars, cafés, restaurants, and record stores. 

Final Thoughts

Though hipsters are seemingly disappearing, this should not discourage you from adopting the fashions and ideology of this subculture.

The key thing to remember about hipsters is that they are just another type of person. 

You don’t need to adopt any particular characteristics to be considered a hipster. Instead, you should merely pick whatever elements of this subculture you like and adopt them into your own identity.