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Green Hornet Returns

Legend and lore have spread through generations of radio, television and comic book fans about The Green Hornet’s family relations to The Lone Ranger. With the upcoming major motion picture starring Seth Rogen in the lead of Britt Reid, it seems only fitting to recount some of the origins and myths that have circulated over the years.

Origin of the Green Hornet

An Out-of-the-Ordinary Gift Idea
"Oh, darling." "Sweetheart."
How often have we read stories of other people's adventures in love and romance? Now it's time for you -- and the love of your life -- to star in your own novel.

Personalized Romance Novels

Personalized Novels

Retro Candy
Retro Candy
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Recipe for Success - How the Master Chef Rod Serling prepared one of his most delectable dishes: "To Serve Man." Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a memorable Twilight Zone episode that leaves a spooky aftertaste.

Twilight Zone: To Serve Man

To Serve Man

March 1979 - Somehow, I don't believe U-2's future will be among the more predictable. They have the originality and vivacity to make a special contribution to Irish rock.
U2 Could Be a Headline

June 1950 - It won't be long before shorts are accepted on the majority of college campuses for warm weather wear just as slacks are during the colder months. At picnics, cocktail sessions, theatricals and concerts, and even informal parties. Are you going to set the pace on your campus?

That Varsity Look — on College Campuses

Varsity Look

Battlestar Galactica
September 1978 - With the popularity of TV shows such as Star Trek and films such as 2001, Star Wars, and Close Encounters, the race for space has really taken off. A whole new batch of sci-fi fantasies and space epics are already on the way — and perhaps the most impressive is Battlestar Galactica!
Battlestar Galactica - A Sci-Fi Star is Born

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